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Bay Area Basketball Saturday

Posted by davefowkes on 01/31/2009

Lots of games to choose from today as all the local boys are in play. But while most fans keep an eye on Stanford or Cal down in LA, how St. Mary’s does without Patrick Mills at Portland, or even the resurgent Broncos to against Pepperdine, my focus will be on the city on the bay: USF hosting Loyola!

Why you ask? First of all, this has some serious potential for bad basketball! The WCC is clearly down this year and two of the bottom dwellers have been Pepperdine and Loyola. Pepperdine only have 5 wins this year. But now, one of those wins is a conference road win at San Francisco on Thursday night. So this sets the stage for one win Loyola, coming off a 26 point loss at Santa Clara to visit the Dons a team that is apparently bad enough to lose to Pepperdine at home! Yes, this could magical. I made the comment on Thursday that USF might be trying to get demoted to Division 1-AA. Well if they lose today, lets just take them down the Division 2. Yes, this is a big game for the Dons for all the wrong reasons!

Meanwhile, Cal is playing horribly these days. They are a better team then they showed at UCLA. But results are what they are, and right now Cal is not playing well. USC plays great defense, Cal will need to hit their 3s and reduce their turnovers. If they do they can win. And right now, they need a win!

Stanford has a tough one today in UCLA. How do you respond to that tough one point loss at USC on Thursday night? Well in the state of Washington they responded with another one point loss. I dont see it today. I hope I am wrong, but I think the frustration finally starts to sink in a bit today and UCLA wins easy.

Portland is a decnent up and coming team. No easy win there and now St Mary’s will be battling without Patrick Mills who is out with a broken wrist and coming off the emotional let down of their loss to Gonzaga. St Mary’s needs this win to keep the hope for a potential at large birth alive! They cant sleep on this one, and without Mills they have no business sleeping at all!


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49ers go generic at OC

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

All that time and the 49ers come up with Jimmy Raye as their offensive coordinator? I am sure Raye is a nice enough guy. He has certainly been around the NFL a long time going on 35 years. But there is certainly nothing flashy about this hiring. In fact, this hiring seems to me to be a lot closer to a Jim Hostler hiring than a Mike Martz hire.

Raye has spent 11 seasons throughout his career as an OC. Only once did he have an offense crack the top 10! That was with Elvis Grbac at the helm of the KC Chiefs. Raye may be best known for calling plays for John Robinson with the LOS ANGELES Rams way back in the Erick Dickerson days. Yes, Raye has been around the block!

Mike Singletary is in control of the 49ers now.  It seems clear that he wants a power running game and to be a big physical team dominated by defense. Can anyone say Ravens again? Didn’t we try this experiment when we brought Mike Nolan from Baltimore? Rather than a young up and comer that can provide some creativity and excitement to the offense, the 49ers hedged their bets against another Hostler, they went away from the craziness of Martz, and they just went for the quiet safe pick of Raye.

I wish him much success, but my big worry is despite his experience, the 49ers offense will step back a few years to the days of being boring! I really hope that Singletary knows what he is doing, because if you are going to be boring, you better be good!!! As we found out two years ago with the greatness of the Nolan/Hostler era, bad and boring is just unwatchable!!!

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Sharks Win Again

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

Yet another example of why the Sharks are a very good team. They come home after the all star break and their one game road trip, they dont play their best early, and it was a tough, physical game, but despite it all, the Sharks come out on top 2-0. Oh yeah, Nabokov does not suck! The shutout for Nabokov sets a franchise best wtih 169 minutes of shutout goaltending. Hmmm, I am thinking Nabby is hot!

The key to the Sharks, stay healthy, and play well enough to gather the points to stay #1 in the conference. It is that simple at this point. Meanwhile, it is really nice to see the Sharks play some playoff type hockey like tonight. Not to say that Phoenix is great (although they are better then they have been in years) but it was the tough physical game that the Sharks will run into during the playoffs to be sure.

And how did they answer? Try another shut out! And it was not easy either. Rob Blake taking a penalty with less than three minutes was just dumb. Phoenix had their oppotunities, but Nabby was the best player on the ice… again!

Another good win for a team that this year is filled with good wins… so far!

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My first blog

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

Wow, this is so exciting. My first blog! What a concept. Now I get to spend time typing out all my great thoughts and just hoping that someone cares enough about what I have to say to read. Yeah, right. So I guess I should say hi mom?

So for my first blog I had to think to myself, what should I write about? So many teams, so much to say, where do I start? I could go with the breaking news for the 49ers or Raiders. But this is my first blog, so I should probably start with my one true love,  sorry honey, the Stanford football Cardinal!

I cant get too in depth since this is my first blog and I have no idea what I am doing.  So I will just state how excited I am already for the new season to begin! The recruiting class is ranked 10th nationally by and 15th by I can not think of higher rankings for Stanford! The team has improved in two years under Coach Jim Harbaugh. This year they will line up Andrew Luck at QB. Toby Gerhart should be back at RB. And all the youth of last year will have one year of experience under the belt to go with a top 20 recruiting class! I am not sure that Harbaugh will be at Stanford past next season, but sitting here on a sunshiney day in the end of January, the future looks very bright!!!!!

Is it football season yet?

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Bad luck or bad team?

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

That was just brutal! With little expected of them in Southern California this weekend, Stanford took USC the distance. But in the end, Lawrence Hill’s show went halfway down before popping back out and Stanford found themselves on the losing end of yet another 1-point game. This makes it three straight games on the road for Stanford that they have lost by 1-point.  At the end of this season when Stanford is sitting home in March, Cardinal fans will look back and wonder, what could have been. Winning those three games would mean a first place tie, instead, it means 7th or 8th place in the Pac Ten.

Stanford played well for the most part. USC plays great defense yet Stanford was able to run their offense and get good shots. They were also strong on the offensive boards which is huge for them. In the end the difference would be turnovers as USC had 9 steals and the continued inability to stop an inside power game.

But the true problem with Stanford this year as effident by three 1-points losses, they still dont have that go to guy! And while it would be a learning lesson if this were a young team, the Cardinal is led by three seniors that will be out the door in March. That makes these losses, all the more frustrating.

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