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49ers go generic at OC

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

All that time and the 49ers come up with Jimmy Raye as their offensive coordinator? I am sure Raye is a nice enough guy. He has certainly been around the NFL a long time going on 35 years. But there is certainly nothing flashy about this hiring. In fact, this hiring seems to me to be a lot closer to a Jim Hostler hiring than a Mike Martz hire.

Raye has spent 11 seasons throughout his career as an OC. Only once did he have an offense crack the top 10! That was with Elvis Grbac at the helm of the KC Chiefs. Raye may be best known for calling plays for John Robinson with the LOS ANGELES Rams way back in the Erick Dickerson days. Yes, Raye has been around the block!

Mike Singletary is in control of the 49ers now.  It seems clear that he wants a power running game and to be a big physical team dominated by defense. Can anyone say Ravens again? Didn’t we try this experiment when we brought Mike Nolan from Baltimore? Rather than a young up and comer that can provide some creativity and excitement to the offense, the 49ers hedged their bets against another Hostler, they went away from the craziness of Martz, and they just went for the quiet safe pick of Raye.

I wish him much success, but my big worry is despite his experience, the 49ers offense will step back a few years to the days of being boring! I really hope that Singletary knows what he is doing, because if you are going to be boring, you better be good!!! As we found out two years ago with the greatness of the Nolan/Hostler era, bad and boring is just unwatchable!!!


One Response to “49ers go generic at OC”

  1. haimila1 said

    As a die hard 49ers fan I gotta agree with you. It’s nothing personal, but Jimmy Raye is a joke. We should have kept Martz (which sing wanted to do), but he got pushed out of town by McCloughan. The only thing I can think of is there going to wait a couple of years to promote Rathman. Singletary better hope know what he’s doing or else we could be looking at a new coach next year with Mike Shanahan being available.

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