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Bad luck or bad team?

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

That was just brutal! With little expected of them in Southern California this weekend, Stanford took USC the distance. But in the end, Lawrence Hill’s show went halfway down before popping back out and Stanford found themselves on the losing end of yet another 1-point game. This makes it three straight games on the road for Stanford that they have lost by 1-point.  At the end of this season when Stanford is sitting home in March, Cardinal fans will look back and wonder, what could have been. Winning those three games would mean a first place tie, instead, it means 7th or 8th place in the Pac Ten.

Stanford played well for the most part. USC plays great defense yet Stanford was able to run their offense and get good shots. They were also strong on the offensive boards which is huge for them. In the end the difference would be turnovers as USC had 9 steals and the continued inability to stop an inside power game.

But the true problem with Stanford this year as effident by three 1-points losses, they still dont have that go to guy! And while it would be a learning lesson if this were a young team, the Cardinal is led by three seniors that will be out the door in March. That makes these losses, all the more frustrating.


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