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My first blog

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

Wow, this is so exciting. My first blog! What a concept. Now I get to spend time typing out all my great thoughts and just hoping that someone cares enough about what I have to say to read. Yeah, right. So I guess I should say hi mom?

So for my first blog I had to think to myself, what should I write about? So many teams, so much to say, where do I start? I could go with the breaking news for the 49ers or Raiders. But this is my first blog, so I should probably start with my one true love,  sorry honey, the Stanford football Cardinal!

I cant get too in depth since this is my first blog and I have no idea what I am doing.  So I will just state how excited I am already for the new season to begin! The recruiting class is ranked 10th nationally by and 15th by I can not think of higher rankings for Stanford! The team has improved in two years under Coach Jim Harbaugh. This year they will line up Andrew Luck at QB. Toby Gerhart should be back at RB. And all the youth of last year will have one year of experience under the belt to go with a top 20 recruiting class! I am not sure that Harbaugh will be at Stanford past next season, but sitting here on a sunshiney day in the end of January, the future looks very bright!!!!!

Is it football season yet?


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