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Sharks Win Again

Posted by davefowkes on 01/29/2009

Yet another example of why the Sharks are a very good team. They come home after the all star break and their one game road trip, they dont play their best early, and it was a tough, physical game, but despite it all, the Sharks come out on top 2-0. Oh yeah, Nabokov does not suck! The shutout for Nabokov sets a franchise best wtih 169 minutes of shutout goaltending. Hmmm, I am thinking Nabby is hot!

The key to the Sharks, stay healthy, and play well enough to gather the points to stay #1 in the conference. It is that simple at this point. Meanwhile, it is really nice to see the Sharks play some playoff type hockey like tonight. Not to say that Phoenix is great (although they are better then they have been in years) but it was the tough physical game that the Sharks will run into during the playoffs to be sure.

And how did they answer? Try another shut out! And it was not easy either. Rob Blake taking a penalty with less than three minutes was just dumb. Phoenix had their oppotunities, but Nabby was the best player on the ice… again!

Another good win for a team that this year is filled with good wins… so far!


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