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Big recruiting day

Posted by davefowkes on 02/04/2009

Oh my what a day! Okay, maybe the recruiting class is not as great as predicted all the way back to yesterday, but this is still a great day for Stanford football fans! Today is national letter of intent signing day for college football. All the high school seniors put their signature on a piece of paper declaring which college they are going to go.

It appears to be a banner day for the Cardinal! The consensus is that Stanford has a top 20 recruiting class nationally and the 3rd best list in the Pac Ten. (UCLA had a good day and jumped Stanford into 2nd place). As a long suffering Stanford fan though this is just wonderful! First the obvious, how often has Stanford had top 20 classes ever? Then you think about the depths that this program has sunk in the early part of this decade, to think that student-athletes again want to attend the farm brings nothing but optimism for me! Jim Harbaugh is proving he was not just a good hire, but a great one! Kids want to come here and play for him. And if he leaves to coach in the pros next year, the kids will still be left with a free ride at a prestigious institution. Not a bad deal!

As for the details, Harbaugh likes TEs I guess since he has 4 of them on the way. But there are some exciting players in the mix. The number one recruit, a 4-5 star MLB from Pawling, NY, Shayne Skov, could help right away next year. Local high school Bellermine will send two players, RB Usua Amanam and the only OL recruited Kevin Danser. Amanam will also compete for playing time as a true freshman.

Bottom line, who knows what will happen to these athletes. Maybe they never develop, maybe the coaching staff changes, but on a day when they declare where they want to go, I am just happy that Stanford has a bumper crop of athletes and a top 20 ranking. The buzz is high for Stanford. The football futures seems to be very bright!


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