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I Love Raider Press Conferences

Posted by davefowkes on 02/04/2009

It just does not get better than an Oakland Raider press conference with Al Davis presiding! Great stuff today in Alameda today! For those that don’t know, the Raiders officially hired Tom Cable as head coach. But while there were no overhead projectors this time around, I found myself laughing a number of times.

The line of the day actually came from Cable himself. “In sports there are three great teams: In baseball it is the Yankees, in basketball it is the Celtics and in football it is the Raiders!” Yes, he said that with a straight face!!! I certainly could not keep mine!

Big Al talked about the process of hiring Cable. He said he had two finalists, Cable and someone else. He told them to go out and find a coaching staff. Meanwhile Al started to hire the guys Cable recommended. So what did he tell the other guy? Al says “the guy” was told of the hirings and was only concerned with an offensive and defensive coordinators “and since he was going to call his own plays he really didn’t care about the offensive coordinator.”   HUH????

When asked about the potential for sharing a stadium with the 49ers that has been suggested, Davis said he would consider anything. To get something done someone would need to bring him the details of a plan and the economics of it and who would build it. He did not say he would do anything, other than evaluating any offers brought to him. When further pushed he just kept hinting it was up to others to bring him the details.  But then asked where the Raiders would play in 2011 when the Raider lease at the coliseum is up, he said he did not know. So would he try to build a stadium? We’ll see what people bring me. HUH?

 Time and time again there were comments that taken on their own I suppose made sense but when put into the real world just made you go huh?

In the end you were left with the realization that Al still lives in his own world. He has the perfect guy for his head coach, a guy that will bleed silver and black and will bring lots of energy to the job. Will it translate to more wins? Maybe one or two. But for now all that matters is that Al knows what he is doing and the rest of us do not.

But for me, it is just a blast to watch the press conferences and see what has become of truly a once great franchise from a long, long, long time ago.

Keep the comedy coming!


One Response to “I Love Raider Press Conferences”

  1. Mountain Republic said

    We all know the Raiders are just one person away from success. Al is that person and he needs to go away.

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