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Pac Ten Weekend Plays

Posted by davefowkes on 02/07/2009

I was so spot on for Thursday I decided I would try again today. Granted, being spot on means I picked every winner!  LOL.  Not sure I can say I hit every spread. But there is always today:

Washington State at Cal: Despite a stretch of games where they lost four out of five games, Thursday night’s win over Washington put Cal right back in contention in the Pac Ten. Cal is now in a three way tie for third with USC and Arizona, one game behind the Huskies and two behind UCLA. This is a dangerous matchup for the Bears. On paper they should win this game easily. But WSU makes teams look ugly with their defense. The key for the Bears is to not get caught up playing ugly ball with the Cougars. If they limit turnovers and hit a few 3’s they really should win this game easily. I like Cal at home, but this is a trap game I could see shocking some people at the end. CAL 67-57.

Washington at Stanford (Sunday): Very big game here. Washington is trying to prove they belong in the upper echelon of the Pac Ten. To do that they cant get swept in the Bay Area. Stanford meanwhile had a nice win at home against WSU. Can they make it two in a row? Jon Brockman’s layup in January gave Washington a 1-point win over the Cardinal in Seattle. That said, I dont think Stanford is palying as well as they were then. And I am quite sure Stanford still does not have an answer for Brockman, the best big man in the Pac Ten. For Stanford to win, they need to shoot well, especially beyond the arc, and play very tough perimeter defense. Brockman will beat them so they can not afford to give up many 3’s. Let Brockman score his 30 points, grab is 20 rebounds, but if they shut down everyone else, they have a chance. My heart bleeds red, but I am not a believer right now.  Washington 78-72.

The other games:

Notre Dame at UCLA: Huge game here and mostly it is for Pac Ten bragging rights. We all know the Pac Ten is down this year! Well this is UCLA’s opportunity to prove that the league is improving and is better since the preseason. UCLA must beat the Big East school. Especially since that Big East school comes to town riding a six game losing streak. If Notre Dame wins this one on the road, it could mean bad things for UCLA in terms of seating, and maybe even for the conference in terms of how many teams go to the tournament. A must win for UCLA and the Pac Ten. That said, UCLA is playing better, they will take care of business!  UCLA 78-69.

Arizona at Oregon: How is Arizona only favored by 5? Oregon is bad. Playing at home keeps from a huge blowout!  Arizona 77-64.

Arizona State at Oregon state:  This could be ugly to watch. OSU is a legitimate team this year. But in the end, ASU has better players. ASU 64-58.


One Response to “Pac Ten Weekend Plays”

  1. davefowkes said

    Huge win for UCLA. As previously noted, that is big for the Bruins and the Pac Ten. I was not able to watch the game but I was shocked by the nature of the blowout. 24 points? Wow. So now I must ask, how bad is Notre Dame?

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