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Raider Slugs Punter!

Posted by davefowkes on 02/08/2009

I love the Raiders! Maybe not when they actually play a game but certainly off the field. This little tidbit is priceless.  A story in the San Francisco Chronicle discussed the difficulty that the Raiders may have in resigning both CB Nnamdi Asomugha  and P Shane Lechler. One of the reasons Lechler may not come bace? He got punched in the face by DL Terdell Sands!!!!

Now while it is not reported what the cause of the fight was, the bottom line is a lineman decided he needed to take is aggression out on a punter. Seriously, he punched a punter! This is football! Most lineman don’t even know that who the kicker and the punter are! Did Sands think that Lechlar was a stowaway on the plane home? I get that football is an emotional game and there are plenty of arguments among teammates and occassionally some punches. But with a punter as a target? Ya think Sands may need some anger management classes? Is there something worse in football than picking on a kicker?

Now K Mike Vanderjagt was an ass. So I could almost understand why someone would go after him. But Lechler has been consistently the best player on the Raiders since the last Super Bowl appearance. He should be receiving Barry Bonds treatment from his teammates. Instead he gets a fist in the face. And the Raiders will likely lose their MVP because of it!

Last week an Al Davis press conference and a punched punter. What will the Raiders have to offer this week? I can’t wait to find out!  LOL


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