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Random Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 02/08/2009

Some random thoughts for a Sunday:

–Nice signing by the Phillies locking up Ryan Howard. I assume his 3-year $54 million deal takes him through to his free agency eligible years. Got to lock up your stars while they are young!

–I realize that the Big East is one of the best conferences out there, but they have some horrible games in the bottom half. I had the “pleasure” of watching Seton Hall-Rutgers this morning. Horrible! Turnovers, missed shots, missed free throws, it was tough to watch. Now it is Louisville who is a pretty good team just playing an ugly game against St. Johns.

–I was watching Joe Lunardi on ESPN this morning do his last 4 in and last 4 out for his tournament brackets. He has Georgetown as his last 4 out. I cant believe GTown is even in the conversation. They lost at home to Cincinatti yesterday. Granted they have played a very tough non-conference schedule but they better mix in a few wins before they are given any tournament consideration. They are currently 11th in the Big East at 4-7 in conference.

–I wonder if Vegas is taking odds on WHEN ManRam will actually sign. It does seem the longer this goes on the more the Giants will have a shot at landing him, but I still think he ends up back with the Dodgers.

–I can’t believe that pitchers and catchers report this week. Baseball season already?

–I was also surprised to hear it is a mere 5-weeks until selection Sunday for March Madness. I look forward to that!


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