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Sharks Struggle

Posted by davefowkes on 02/08/2009

Anyone else starting to worry about the Sharks? I guess the good news about last night is that they were able to send the game to OT and get the one point. But there is something that just seems off to me about the team.

I will hope the issue is just we are in the d0ldrums of the schedule. February is here and the Sharks are an obvious playoff team. I am sure it is tough for them to get up for every game and now they are getting the best shot their opponents have. But I am getting tired of watching them let lesser teams jump on them. Last night they opened a whopping 5-game, 10-day road trip they looked slow and lethargic against a fast, aggressive Columbus team. 2-0 on the Blue Jackets first two shots. Again, credit to the Sharks for battling back to earn the point, but I expect more of them. Maybe I have been spoiled by their excellent play the first few months of the season, but I am just not seeing that excellence at the moment. Thursday night they had a great start but could not finish allowing Carolina to come from a 2-goal deficit to win.

I think the secret is out on the Sharks. Flood the zone, try to slow them down, keep all 5 skaters in on D to shut down the shots. I would hardly call it panic time because I think the Sharks could probably lose the rest of their games and still go the playoffs, but I just dont want them to get complacent.

Maybe I have just been spoiled by success. After all, they are the only successful team in the Bay Area right now!


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