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ARod Does It Right!!!

Posted by davefowkes on 02/09/2009

ARod took performance enhancing drugs! Should we be shocked? We should only be shocked that his failed drug test leaked to the public. But at this point we should not be shocked by ANY player named for taking performance enhancing drugs! So let me jump on the bandwagon right now and congratulate ARod for his handling of the latest news!

In an Interview with Peter Gammons on ESPN, ARod admited to drug use from 2001-2003. There is no Roger Clemens denial to all that can hear. No pleading of the 5th amendment. No Mark McGwire “I don’t want to talk about the past.” And no lying to the grand jury like the current home run king is accused.

ARod has been busted. News was leaked, rather than run from it he has come out in public and accepted responsibility. Sure, maybe he is not giving us 100% honesty even now, but at least he is accepting some amount of responsibility. Yes, he is probably more sorry for getting caught then for doing the steroids to begin with, but at least he is apologizing for something. His handling of this is way ahead of  what anyone else has done on this.

Maybe by coming out in public and facing the charges rather than hiding from them, the sports world can accept it and move on. ARod will now always be connected to steroids, but had he denied the charges he woudl still be connected. Now he has admitted mistakes and we’ll have to let others judge him down the road. For now, let’s play ball!

And not to be an apologist, as previously typed in this blog, this happened during an era when just about everyone was taking one sort of enhancer or another. ARod was not alone, he just got caught! And while players got bigger and faster, and hit more home runs everyone from the owners, managers, players to the fans ALL looked the other way to enjoy the ride!

I commend ARod for his handling of this news (at least so far) and hope it is a lesson to the next 103 players on that list that will be named sooner than later.

Meanwhile, if I am ARod I think I am looking at litagation against baseball, the union, or the labs as those results were supposed to be confidential!!!!!


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