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Does Anyone Care About the Pro Bowl?

Posted by davefowkes on 02/09/2009

Does anyone actually care of the Pro Bowl? I am a huge football fan but I think it has probably been 4-5 years since I last tuned in for more than a play. It just is not real football. They might as well be playing flag football. A week after the Super Bowl it comes as a huge let down.

Which is why I think it is a great move by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to move the Pro Bowl. Starting next year the Pro Bowl will be played at the site of the Super Bowl the week prior to the big game. It will occupy the bye week if you will. Obviously Super Bowl participants will have to be replaced on the roster. But this should at least give some hope to the Pro Bowl that fans may still be thinking about football and therefore maybe more of them will tune in. Plus you can package the week as book ends, start with the Pro Bowl finish with the Super Bowl.

The downside could be it is hard enough to get these players to go to Honolulu to play a meaningless game, how many minor injuries will we here about when the game is played in Indianapolis?

That said, short of cancelling the game (which I am a proponent of) this move seems to make a lot of sense to me. Then again, I probably still won’t watch it next year either!


2 Responses to “Does Anyone Care About the Pro Bowl?”

  1. Jenn said

    Thank God–it’s about time. While one could argue that the game will lose some luster with Super Bowl starters being replaced, it didn;t have a whole lot of luster to start with, so I thiknk this move is a solid one.

    it will mean jsut as much to the players to be named to it as it ever did, which is a lot, and it’s great for the league (and whichever network carries it) that someone will watch the damn thing for a change.

    My remaining question is–why does this game always have to be in Hawaii? There are other warm, beautiful spots in the main 48 that aren’t a minimum of a 5-hour flight away. If it were held someplace a little closer people might want to attend. Besides, these guys all make a ton of money–it’s not like it’s such a grand reward for them to go to Hawaii. Many of them don’t bother.

  2. davefowkes said

    Not only is the date of the game changed, but so is the location. It will be played the week before the Super Bowl and AT the Super Bowl location!

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