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49ers Trim Dead Weight

Posted by davefowkes on 02/11/2009

The 49ers are getting ready for free agency season by trimming some of the fat from the roster. Two cuts were made yesterday. LB Tully Banta-Cain and S Keith Lewis were let go to save a couple of million dollars.
I will actually miss Lewis. He has been a great special teams player for the 49ers. But as he gets up in years he becomes more expensive and he really has shown little in the defensive backfield.
Banta-Cain is slightly better than a bust. He did not cost much two years ago and he provided something that first year, but last year he disappeared on the depth chart.

The key man that is being rumored though is Jonas Jennings. Yes, that first really big free agent signed by the Nolan/York administration. Just when the Yorks wanted to prove they could spend money to win, they got an overrated LT with injury troubles. Well, Jennings has spent more time injured than healthy. When he was healthy his play was okay but certainly not deserving of the big contract he was awarded. Rumors have it that he will be on the chopping block next. Let’s hope so. Time to move on. The line is getting better by the year and they can pick up another lineman in the draft and another low cost free agent lineman for depth. I don’t know the cap numbers but it is clear that Jennings days in San Francisco need to be over!!!


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