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Some Random Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 02/12/2009

Just a few notes I thought of:

–There really is no better rivalry in college sports than Duke vs North Carolina. Great fan base, great history, both teams are almost always good and sometimes great, and they play a great up tempo style that is entertaining to watch. It may not have been the best finish last night, but if there is one college basketball game a year that I will watch where I have no voting allegiance, it is clearly Duke vs North Carolina.

–A’s new TV deal confuses me. I am sure I will figure this out in the next day or two but if they are moving to CSNCA does that mean I will have to pay for the games? Right now that channel is offered as part of the sports subscription I have with DirecTV. Will that be changing? When that channel moves down Comcast dial to channel 89, is that part of the digital package or the basic? On the surface of it, it sounds like a great deal for the A’s, but if people have to pay extra to watch their games, I am not so sure. Reminds me of the old Sportschannel days.

–Rain and Pebble Beach, it brings back such memories! They have had good success this decade of getting all the rounds in with some good weather. But back in the day when I used to cover it in the 90s, the thing would get washed out one way or another every year it seemed. Tee time is coming up soon, and I can hear the rain falling outside right now! They’ll get the tournament in this year for sure, but it does bring back muddy memories!


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