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Chavez reports, will it matter?

Posted by davefowkes on 02/16/2009

A nice little piece here from the AP on Eric Chavez who reported to camp early.

And being there for one day it has been determined he will sit out the first week of Cactus league:

I am a Chavez fan, I wish him the best, I think if healthy he could really be big in the A’s new potentially potent offense, but I have had it with spring training optimism about Chavvy. To me, it will be news when Chavez actually steps on the field during the regular season and performs to the expectations we have.

Every year it is the same old thing. He starts the season in the lineup, slumps, then reveals he is injured and is battling through them, then goes on the DL and is gone for the season. I am done with the expectations and the A’s should be too. At this point, the A’s should plan on another third baseman. If Chavvy is healthy and comes through that is all bonus time! But Chavez is just unreliable now as an every day third baseman. Keep in mind even when he was playing between injuries his batting average is way down, his strikeouts way up and his overall productivity was just disappointing.

I hope I am wrong but I just feel like we are watching a career ending injury that just is taking a few years to finally sink in. But boy I hope I am wrong because a healthy Chavez with Matt Holiday and Jack Cust could really add some punch to that lineup!


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