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Weekend Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 02/16/2009

Some random thoughts from the weekend past. (Okay, the weekend may continue for some of you, but no three day weekend for me)

–Tough outing yesterday for Evgeni Nabokov. Given the tough road trip I was sort of expecting Brian Boucher in net yesterday. Given the results that would have been a better choice. Nabokov is in a bit of a slump, he’ll be fine long term but as good as Boucher has been, it is probably time to get him a few more starts.

–I am still bitter about how Stanford lost to Cal. It is a very long season for the Cardinal. With three road losses of one point each, and now this loss blowing a 22-point first half lead, it truly is the what-could-have-been season. It truly is the difference between 4-8 in conference and 8-4.

–The Pac Ten race is very interesting. I really did not see UCLA getting swept in Arizona. The Wildcats are still in 5th in the conference but might be playing the best right now. USC’s two losses pretty much knock them out of the tournament talk for now. Washington has some tough games coming up and UCLA”s only road trip is to the Bay Area. Cal is back to playing well but how long will that last? And ASU seems to have righted the ship. At this point it is a 5-way race for the top. Should be a good finish and judging on the first half of conference play, who knows what will happen.

–Shocker of the weekend was still a loss. How did USF only lose by 5 to Gonzaga?

–Impressive comeback by St. Mary’s. They almost upset Gonzaga but then took care of business against a pretty good Portland team that whipped them in the Northwest. Even with Patrick Mills gets back I think the Gaels need to win the WCC tourney to get in the big dance. But with a healthy Mills back, they might very well win the tournament.

–Can we all jump off the Dule bandwagon now? Granted the ACC is a top conference but at some point you have to win some games. They have lost three out of four and four out of six. That is trouble. They are clearly a good team, but definitely not an elite team!

–Does anyone watch the NBA all-star game? I know, I am not a big NBA fan anymore so I am probably in the minority, but neither the game, nor the all-star weekend festivities do it for me. That said, it is still a step above the Pro Bowl.

–Pebble Beach rained out? Yes, it is just like the old days! Hopefully they can finish things up today!


One Response to “Weekend Thoughts”

  1. davefowkes said

    I guess I can answer my own question, if the President of the United States is going over to a friend’s house in Chicago to watch the All-star game, then yes, people still watch it!

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