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ARod Apology

Posted by davefowkes on 02/17/2009

My thoughts: Time to move on!!!

Apparently I am in the minority but I think that ARod did it right today. He faced the media, he held his press conference, he had the support of his teammates who were on hand, he apologized again, and provided some specifics during his repeated apologies. Sure, was he 100% honest? I doubt it. But he at least answered all the questions and only danced around a few of them.

The cynic says he still did not tell the entire truth, he is a cheat, he should be flogged. You have that right to feel that way. For me, he took what he did, he was not alone in doing that. He is the first to come out with as much detail as he did. To me, the story is over! Until someone digs up more dirt that proves he his still lying, then I will take him at his word. He took some stuff when it was NOT illegal, and now he doesn’t now when it IS illegal to take that stuff.

I am so sick of the steroid conversation and it is only going to get worse with Barry Bond’s perjury trial set to go in March. Players took steroids, the fans cheered all the home runs, the owners and managers looked the other direction. We are all complicit in the steroid era. Let’s move on!

The reporters will dig for more as they should, but for the baseball fan it is time to move on and get ready for the upcoming season. Let’s play ball!


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