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Terry Porter Firing Is Just Wrong

Posted by davefowkes on 02/17/2009

I just don’t get it. The Phoenix suns are 5 games above 500 and they decide to fire their coach? Talk about pressure to win!

Terry Porter was fired by the Suns yesterday with a 28-23 record. Now in the Western Conference that is only good enough for 9th place and that would not get them to the playoffs if the season ended today. I admit to not being a huge NBA fan, so I can not tell you the details of what is wrong with the Suns, but Porter was in his first year with the Suns. And in his first year, they are 5 games over 500.  And that is a fireable offense?

New coach Alvin Gentry says the Suns will return to the run and gun style the Suns have had the past few years under Mike D’Antoni. So if the issue is the style of play then isn’t it the GM who should get fired for hiring Porter to begin with?

It is all about winning championships in sports, but when a winning record midway through your first year is not good enough, then wow! Suns management must have some seriously gaudy expectations. I’ll be laughing if the Suns go on to miss the playoffs despite the change at coach!


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