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Vick Won’t Be A Niner

Posted by davefowkes on 02/18/2009

In typical 49er fashion, a slip of the tongue has led to a mini controversy. The 49ers showed they still have work to do in the world of PR. The controversy is this: During a “state of the team” address with season ticket holders, neither coach Mike Singletary nor team owner Jed York denied a possibility of the 49ers acquiring QB Michael Vick when he is released from jail.

First of all, I did not get caught up in it because despite my low respect for the York organization I just could not believe they would be so foolish as to bring in Vick. This is the Bay Area, there is now way that Vick’s act would work here given what he did to dogs. Maybe somewhere else, but not here. The fan base would be enraged which the 49ers can not afford! People deserve second chances in life, and once Vick serves his time he will get one I am sure. But not with San Francisco!

On a personal level I can say quite honestly, if the 49ers were to sign Vick I would give up my position as loyal fan! Let’s face it, I am a dog lover. What Vick did outrages me! Makes me mad just thinking about it! I won’t be able to get over that anytime soon! But it even goes beyond that, even before getting in trouble, I don’t think Vick was all that great a QB. Yes, he had some good runs. First QB to win a playoff game at Lambeau field. He is clearly a great athlete. But to me is a very poor decision maker. If he can’t make the big play with his legs, he is likely to make a bigger mistake with his arm. I don’t think he is a good fit. Plus, he has been in prison two years. Will he really come out and pick up where he left off?

If Vick returns to the NFL the reality is someone will look at him in a creative offense that specializes in the “wildcat” formation or the spread option from college. But that is not what the 49ers will be running.They will be run left, run right, throw on third and long.

Bottom line to me: He is a questionable fit for the team, and a bad apple that has a real rotten past! If the 49ers really can’t do better than Michael Vick then why am I bothering to be a 49er fan?


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