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Raiders Do Something Right

Posted by davefowkes on 02/20/2009

Wow, I guess Al Davis woke hope and had a moment of clarity. I would say he did a very nice job in keeping the two best Raider players in house. The Raiders did not even need to use the franchise tag to keep either Punter Shane Lechler or CB Nnamdi Asomugha. I don’t know how the Raiders did it, but they seem to already be having the best off season they have had in years.

Lechler has clearly been the best Raider the past 5 years. When you have a bad team, the punter gets a lot of action! Lechler has been busy and he has responded with back to back pro bowl years. He is a great punter.

Asomugha was slower to develop, but once he did he has become one of the top cover corners in the NFL. When teams play the Raiders, pretty much forget the WR that is on Asomugha side of the ball. Losing him would have been a crushing blow to an already mediocre defense. You just don’t replace CB’s like that.

Last year Al went outside the organization for big names like Javon Walker, and stayed inside the organization for Tommy Kelly. Each getting huge pay days to under perform on a bad Raider team. They year the Raiders did it right, identify the few good players you actually have on the team and reward them! Neither were cheap, but both are worth it!

I have no idea the long range impact this has on the salary cap for the Raiders, but all I do know is why pay someone you don’t know when you can reward the guys that you do know! I don’t give Raider management much credit, but they definitely get an A+ on this one!!!


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