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Harrison Released by Colts

Posted by davefowkes on 02/23/2009

Very sad when you see this stuff happen. Marvin Harrison was a great WR and deserved to end his career in Indianapolis. Today the Colts agreed to release him.

Hey, we live in the Bay Area so if Joe Montana and Jerry Rice have to finish their careers elsewhere, I certainly understand the business of it. Just like the Rice scenario in San Francisco, I am sure that Harrison believes he has more in the tank while the Colts feel he is running out of gas compared to his contract demands.

In the end it is just sad to see great players like Harrison not be able to go out on his own terms with his own team. But the NFL is a business, and Marvin will not be the last to go out like this!


One Response to “Harrison Released by Colts”

  1. Troy said

    This had to be done. Harrison didn’t want to take a pay-cut from his $13.4 million contract. A GREAT place for him to go would be New England.

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