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Sharks Hit The Road

Posted by davefowkes on 02/23/2009

This should be a fun road trip for the Sharks this week. Four games in six nights against very legitimate talent. It all starts tonight in Dallas. Then it is the big showdown in Detroit on Wednesday. Then they wrap things up with a trip to Canada for Ottawa on Thursday and Montreal on Saturday.

This would be a grueling trip for most teams but for the Sharks, we hold them to a whole new standard. For years we would look at this trip as a make or break for San Jose. Can they win a game or two? Now, based on the first half plus of the season we expect the Sharks to win every game home or away.

Let’s look at the last “brutal” road trip. I would argue the Sharks did not play very well. Evgeni Nabokov certainly was not right the last couple of games. The goals against on the team was certainly up. But despite the negatives, the Sharks ended up 1-1-3. They got half of the possible points available to them. They had a huge win in Boston, thrashing the team in the NHL with the most points. Maybe the results were not what we hoped but it is not like it was horrible. In past years that would have been a very good road trip, but this year? eh!

The Sharks are playing now on a whole new level compared to anything Sharks fans have ever known. And it is a lot of fun. Will we be disappointed if they come back from this trip 1-1-2? Probably. But isn’t that a likely outcome based on the destinations, travel and short duration of the trip?

But this is the best team in the West, and we expect our Sharks to do better. Even on the road we want to see the Sharks pull the big win against arch-rival Detroit and maybe pull off a 3-1. What is scary is that the Sharks are a good enough team to pull it off! Which is why if they do come home 1-1-2 again, we will be disappointed!

It has been a great regular season in San Jose so far! Let’s hope that leads to greatness in the playoffs!!!


One Response to “Sharks Hit The Road”

  1. davefowkes said

    Great start to the road trip. I was unable to watch the game, but anytime the Sharks are pitching a shutout, they are playing well in my book! Huge start, now let’s see if the defense can keep it up under the fire power they will see in Detroit!

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