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A’s Blacked Out On DirecTV

Posted by davefowkes on 02/24/2009

When the A’s announced their new TV contract I was very skeptical. Now I am just scared. Apparently because of contract squabbles between DirecTV and Comcast Sports Net, there is a good chance that DirecTV viewers will not be able to see any of the 150 games to be broadcast. The San Jose Mercury provides the details:

I knew this was  a big gamble being moved to the Sacramento CSN. Normally I would take the optimistic view and say “smarter heads will prevail and something will get worked out.” But in years of labor disputes and on going cable/satellite battles, I am just not so sure. So will I really be forced to get cable if I want to watch the A”s? I like DirecTV because of its sports packages so it is unlikely I will change. Which means this A’s fan will not be able to watch any games! That is not what the A’s need. A team like the A’s needs as much exposure as they can get! Being blacked out from DirecTV would not be good for them.

On a side note, I wonder what the connection could be between the new A’s deal with CSN California (the Sacramento affiliate) and the Co-owner Lew Wolff pulling out of the Fremont stadium plan today. Hmmm… I wonder!

What I don’t wonder about, this year will really suck if I can’t watch A’s baseball! Somebody better do something to get this worked out!!!


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