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Big Game For Sharks

Posted by davefowkes on 02/25/2009

Okay, so maybe it is not that big a game. The Sharks have the most points in the NHL. Detroit is second in the west 5 points behind them. But as they face off in Joe Louis Arena tonight, for Sharks fans this is a big game! Why? Because it is Detroit!

This rivalry was first forged when the upstart Sharks upset to top dog Wings in the Sharks first ever trip to the playoffs. Since then, Detroit has always been top notch and therefore a benchmark team. Now it is the Sharks on top of the world looking down at Detroit. Sure both teams are playoff bound. Sure there is a real good chance they will face each other in the playoffs with much more at stake. But for now, this is just a classic show down of the two best teams in the NHL! For regular season hockey it does not get much better!

The home team is 3-0 in this series to date. The first two games were blowouts, but that third game in San Jose in Mid-January that the Sharks won 6-5 was regular season magic! (Of course I missed that game due to other commitments and am still kicking myself!) So tonight it comes down to this, does Detroit hold serve? Or do the Sharks show the Wings they can beat them at home and away, potentially a huge mental lift for a potential playoff matchup?

With the Sharks on a 4-game, 6-day road trip you can be sure all their energy will be focused on this game tonight. Sure, both sides will say “it is just another game” but we all know that it is not. This is San Jose vs Detroit! This is the two best teams in the NHL! This should be a great game! I know I can’t wait to watch!


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