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Sharks Stumble In Hockeytown

Posted by davefowkes on 02/25/2009

That was not quite how we drew it up on this road trip. Lose to Dallas or Ottawa maybe, but Sharks fans wanted that win in Detroit! It was not meant to be. The Sharks did not bring their A game and Detroit played very well across the board letting them defend their home ice with a 4-1 win over the Sharks. The home team in this series goes undefeated in four games this year!

The story for San Jose really were penalties. The Sharks excel when they play on the power play. But instead, they had 9 penalties and spent too much time in the box. Detroit had 8 penalties but for the Sharks they just could not get it going.

Tonight Detroit was just the better team across the board. Better on offense, defense and Conklin out played Nabokov tonight. The better team won the game! It started early when Clearly smashed Thornton into the glass. Thornton would spend a few shifts in the locker room before returning late in the first period. But that one hit, illegal as it was, set the tone for the Red Wings. The Sharks tried to play physical but in the end the Wings just forced them into taking penalties.

It is not to say the Sharks played badly, they did out shoot Detroit 35-33, but tonight Detroit was just the better team on the ice. No excuses, just reality.

The Wings cut the Sharks lead in the Western Conference to 3 points tonight. It seems clear to me that what is best for the NHL is a sharks/Wings rematch in the Conference Finals because I still believe these two teams that faced off tonight are the best in the NHL. It will be a great playoff series if it happens!

Until then, we shake our head in disappointment and move on to Ottawa tomorrow. It is just another regular season game as we set our sights toward the playoffs! Hopefully the Sharks recover with a win tomorrow. Given the home ice advantage in this series, the real fight down the stretch run will be to keep the number one seed! The loss tonight drops the Sharks to 4-26-1-2 all time in the regular season at Joe Louis Arena!

Home ice in the playoffs would seem to be important!


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