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Tiger Is Back!

Posted by davefowkes on 02/25/2009

What great news for the golf world! Tiger Woods is back on the golf course this week at the Match Play Championships. The sport has missed him!

I wish I could say that I am a huge golf fan and that I will watch a tournament regardless of who is in it. But I’d be lying. I like to play golf. But watching it on TV can be a bit slow. So I need the excitement of a major, or the excitement of Tiger. Yes, there truly are two classes of golf watchers. The true golf lover and the Tiger watcher. Put me in the latter group.

The problem is that I have seen Tiger do so many amazing things, how can you not watch him play? Well other golfers certainly make incredible shots every once in awhile, don’t we match them more to implode? What will Mickelson do to blow it this time? But with Tiger Woods you watch because each swing could be something spectacular! Maybe his drive does go off track behind a tree. But that just adds to the excitement. How many times have we seen him take a second shot from out of nowhere and end up on the green. Need  a clutch putt with pressure on? Tiger is the man!

The TV ratings certainly echo my thoughts and prove I am not alone. While Tiger has been absent rehabbing from knee surgery since mid-June, there has been plenty of time for another golfer to come along and grab the headlines. But nobody could. Did Mickelson dominate in Woods’ absence? Did Vijay? Did any of the newcomers like the much hyped Anthony Kim whirlwind through the PGA? Nope, sorry. The PGA showed that as far as the viewer and casual spectator, the sport is still Tiger Woods vs the field. Personally I don’t think that is a bad thing as long as Woods does not need another 8 month break.

It will be fun seeing Tiger out there again. Will he be rusty and lose in the first round? Will he prove the magic is still there and dominated and defend his championship. This is match play. The PGA’s version of March Madness. It can be fun. But with Tiger back it is a lot more fun!!!


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