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49ers Look at Free Agency

Posted by davefowkes on 02/26/2009

Free agency begins tonight in the NFL at 9pm pacific time. That is when teams are free to start signing available players. Every year some big names sign for big cash to move to another team. Some lesser names sign for way too much money to move teams.

I am not expecting the 49ers to be too splashy this year. The 49ers are in an interesting mix. Unlike years past, they don’t have huge needs at every position, yet an upgrade could be had just about anywhere. This free agent period has the potential to be a very expensive one. The salary cap has gone up another $4-million or so, and every team is under the cap with money to spend. That means teams will be overpaying for what they get. It is not worth spending the money just to spend it. The 49ers need value for their buys and sometimes you don’t get value in a market like this.

If I were the 49ers I would play it pretty conservatively. If I were to break the bank it would be for Titan DT Albert Haynesworth. His character might be a bit questionable but his talent is not. You put him in the middle of that defense next to Justin Smith, it changes the way teams will look at the Niner defense. If there is one guy out there worth the price of admission, I would put it on Haynesworth.

However, I don’t see the 49ers in the hunt for Haynesworth. So the 49ers could look WR but given the new offense the 49ers will run, I am not sure it is worth big money to get one of the top WRs. They might as well go with what they have and look to upgrade through the draft. The other position the 49ers desperately need to upgrade is at safety. Not sure there is a big ticket player out there for the 49ers but I would be surprised if they did not bring in a second level player to compete at safety.

Other than that I would not expect to see a lot of activity from the 49ers in free agency. I would guess we’ll just see 4-5 support level guys to come in and compete for roster spots. I think the 49ers seem dedicated to building through the draft which is probably the right thing to do.

The 49ers have spent a lot of money lately on the likes of Justin Smith and Nate Clements in free agency. My hunch would be they will be much quieter this year.

But boy would Albert Haynesworth be a wonderful surprise!


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