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A Few Thoughts: Free Agency, Hockey and Hoops

Posted by davefowkes on 02/27/2009

First up free agency. The first day is always fun:

–No surprise, the 49ers seem pretty quiet on day one. No big splashes yet! Matt Maiocco of the Press-Democrat is reporting that WR Brandon Jones of the Titans is due in town for a visit today and when players visit Santa Clara the first day they do not usually leave without a contract. Brandon Jones is just the unexciting player I thought the 49ers would dabble in. His stats:  I would hope the 49ers do not overpay him. Maybe there is potential which is fine, but he does not seem worthy of breaking the bank!

–Dan Snyder is at it again in Washington. He makes DT Albert Haynesworth the highest paid defensive player, then signs over-hyped CB Deangelo Hall to play CB. Remember the guy for the Raiders that could not cover anyone? One good signing and one bad one for the Skins on day one. But it goes to show that Snyder still has money and is willing to spend! Maybe some day it will actually work out for him!

–No shock to see Rex Ryan raid his former defense. A great addition for the Jets picking up Bart Scott from the Ravens!

–The National Post is reporting that the Raiders are interested in Center Jason Brown from the Baltimore Ravens.

On to other sports!

–Big win for the Sharks last night! Nice to seem them put together a solid effort and avoid the two game losing streak. Boucher continues to rock as a backup goalie!

–One of the most frustrating seasons I have endured as a Stanford fan. Being bad would be one thing but every game out it seems Stanford teases me with success before not being able to finish the deal in the end! They could have beaten UCLA last night, yet still fell short again! The season can not end soon enough!

–Punch the ticket, Cal is on their way to March Madness! After the OT thriller last night against USC, the Bears are now playing for seeding!


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