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More Free Agency Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 02/27/2009

–The Browns have reportedly sent TE Kellen Winslow to Tampa for undisclosed draft picks. A fresh start for Winslow is needed. The value of the trade will of course depend on what the picks are. Winslow has an injury plagued past so I would be surprised if Tampa paid to much for him. But what does this say about the era of Mouthy TEs? Last year Jeremy Shockey was traded. This year Kellen Winslow. Vernon Davis anybody?

–Matt Maiocco of the Press-Democrat is reporting that return man Allen Rossum will return to the 49ers. That is a good move by the 49ers. Rossum was a definate upgrade on the past and while expectations for him at his age can’t be great, he will at least solidify the position for 10-14 games.

–Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee is reporting the 49ers have come to terms with FB Moran Norris. This is a good signing. Norris was a great blocker for Frank Gore two years ago. He was ousted because of the Mike Martz experiment, but now that the 49ers are bringing back the 1950’s offense, a fullback was much needed and Norris is a good one.

–Barrows is reporting that the 49ers have agreed on a two-year deal with LB Takeo Spikes. Another solid move here. Spikes showed he still has game in the tank. Combine the talent of Willis and the experience of Spikes and I like that combo in the middle of the defense!

–Denver has been active. Nice upgrade on defense getting Safety Brian Dawkins. I think he still has some years left on his legs. They also add a couple of WRs. Jabar Gaffney is mediocre and David Anderson is a career #4 receiver. But with all the changes going on in Denver you really get the feel that the new regime is trying to turn over the roster without touching the tow kingpins: Cutler and Marshall.

More to come as the day progresses!


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