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Cassel To The Chiefs

Posted by davefowkes on 02/28/2009

The biggest move in free agency to date is a trade. All reports indicate the New England Patriots have traded QB Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs. No word yet on compensation. Cassel received the franchise tag from New England so one would think there is a first round pick plus others involved in the trade. (Monday’s thought: Cassel and Vrabel for a 2nd rd pick? Great trade by KC! I am stunned NE could not get more out of this deal. Granted it is a high 2nd rd pick,  I would have guessed multiple picks over the next two drafts. I love the additions for the cost for KC)

An interesting trade. It was hard to imagine Cassel would earn all that money to stay and back up Tom Brady. This trade says two things to me: The Patriots believe Tom Brady will be 100% by the start of the season, and new Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is a big believer in what he saw out of Cassel this year.

I was not a huge Cassel fan last year but the reality is he did play pretty well down the stretch. He is clearly an upgrade at QB for Kansas City who has the new Pioli and Todd Haley regime coming in. The big question is can they surround him with another talent to get him to the be the QB he was last year? I will be very interested to learn how much KC had to give up.

In the end though, this is an upgrade for KC, a way to get younger (draft picks) for New England and probably a good “need” move for both teams. And after 20 years of Carl Peterson, Chiefs fans must be ecstatic about the moves newcomer Pioli is making!

—The 49ers made it official today, signing WR Brandon Jones from the Titans to a 5-year, $16-million deal.

As I said yesterday, definately not the splash and flash, but that type of move was really not ever expected. It does not sound like the over paid him although the length of contract is interesting. I suppose it falls into the low risk/high return type of signing that I expect to see a lot of from this free agent period in Santa Clara.


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