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Huard Is Wasted Roster Space

Posted by davefowkes on 03/05/2009

The more I think about the 49ers signing of Damon Huard, the more aggravated I get. In true 49er fashion what may be worse than the signing itself is the timing of it all.

Lets start with the timing first. The 49ers bring in Kurt Warner and do the full on dog and pony show with the veteran QB. Whether a contract was offered – potentially much larger than what Warner settled for in Arizona – or not we will probably never know. But for a few days it got discussion going and gave fans time to dream. Then the day Warner re-signs with Arizona, the 49ers announce a 1-year deal with Huard. Talk about pulling the rug out from the fan base.

As for Huard himself, he is a career backup QB that landed in the starting role for a couple of years in Kansas City with a mixed amount of success. So what are the 49ers expectations for him as he comes west?

Do they want Huard to be a starter? They pretty much have a QB with the same skill set on the roster that is five years younger in Shaun Hill.

Do they want him to be a backup? Why not go with Alex Smith as the backup, at least he still has that big “P” word called potential if he ever gets healthy enough to play.

Do they want him to be a camp arm and third stringer? Why not draft someone in the mid rounds that can at least hold a clipboard and maybe even develop into a good QB someday?

I would hope the cost of having Huard is minimal and I am probably making too big a deal of this signing, but right now it just offers no excitement at all, the timing was really bad, and it may just be a waste of roster space down the road.

UPDATE: Here is a great piece from on how the 49ers really blew the Warner negotiations and how the struggles of the “organization” continue!


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