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Friday Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 03/06/2009

A few quick hits to take us into the weekend:

–Great win for Stanford last night. Nice to see the seniors come together and get a road win this year. With three losses by one point and a 24 point blown lead at Cal, this is truly a season of what could have been for the Cardinal! Too bad. But at least they seem poised to finish strong.  Terrible loss for ASU though. A loss to Cal and they would take a four game losing streak into the Pac Ten Tourney and to me that puts them squarely on the bubble.

–Huge win for Cal. There was fear that a three game losing streak and an early ouster from the Pac Ten Tourney could cost them. Forget it, punch the ticket, the Bears are heading to the Madness! As for Arizona though: See ASU. Right now the Cats are out of the picture and looking in.

–Terrible loss for the Sharks last night. Great teams do not blow 3-goal leads at home. The Sharks at one point this season was the best team in the NHL. They are far from that now. That said, I am still a believer. The faces in the locker room were angry and frustrated. If they bring that emotion to Vancouver on Saturday they could run away with it! They need to get back to Sharks hockey, shoot the puck, get in front of the net, and keep the pressure up for 60-minutes! They are slumping now, but I still expect them to right the ship and be ready to roll come playoff time!

–The second line with Joe Pavelski, Ryan Clowe and Milan Michalek have really been clicking of late! If the top line of Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Devin Setoguchi could raise their level of play and sustain it, the Sharks will be dangerous again!

–I love this time of year. Basketball on all the time. As I type this I am watching quarterfinal play in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament.  10-days of fun all leading up to the big dance and everybody filling out their brackets. March is fun!

–JT O’Sullivan signed a contract in Cincinnati to back up Carson Palmer. Probably a good place for him and his style to be. Good to see him there and not in San Francisco! Given Palmer’s injury history there is a good chance we could see passes from JTO to Ocho Cinco this year!

–The A’s will be interesting the next week or so to see how they deal with Bobby Crosby. It would be great if Crosby would be open to being a utility infielder. As stated earlier, I actually expect a big year from him this year thanks to a new swing and an expiring contract. I could envision him taking hold of 2B, SS or 3B if one of the starters fall apart. But right now he sounds VERY unhappy about being replaced and does not seem excited to be in camp. It should make for an interesting time in A’s camp.

–If healthy, I love what Justin Duchscherer brings to the table, but as his elbow pain grows so does the comparison to Rich Harden. Great talent but can he stay healthy! The A’s need him out there. But you just have to wonder how many starts he’ll really be able to give them.

–Bye, bye Dave Roberts and thank you for stealing our money! Roberts was released by the Giants who will eat his $6.5 million contract. That free agent signing will not go down as one of Brian Sabean’s finest!

–Great story here about Carney Lansford the Giants hitting coach who had to watch his hitters take on his son who was pitching for  the A’s. Well, everyone else watched!

–I am out of here for a weekend in the wine country! I’ll be posting again on Monday! Be well!


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