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Posted by davefowkes on 03/10/2009

I am back from a long weekend in the wine country! Hmm, they have very good wine in Sonoma County! Now that I am catching up on all the sports I missed:

— My first article when I got back was going to be on how a team needed to sign Terrell Owens to a one year contract. Apparently I was not the only genius to realize that. I think the Bills got a steal. It is a great pick up for them. The Bills have been looking for a second WR going all the way back to the Andre Reed days. Now they plug in TO and how good does Lee Evans become? Owens clearly has the talent and with a lot to prove he is worth the risk. He is just not worth the risk on a multi-year contract. Good play for the Bills, and a great pickup for Trent Edwards!

–Third week of spring training and Eric Chavez has been shut down due to pain in his surgically repaired shoulder. Gee, who would have seen that coming? As a player I always liked Chavez coming up through the ranks. But unfortunately for Chavez fans, his body just can not sustain under the rigors of baseball. I just get the sense that the end is near for his career. Sure, maybe we will see him for some games this year, and next, but it is hard to have much faith in his ability to hold up for more than a third of a season or so.

–I wrote previously that this will be a big year for Bobby Crosby. Well, with Chavez out, Mark Ellis still recovering, I am thinking Crosby is still due for the big year. Contract is up, he is playing for a team that clearly is not excited about him, so he has much to prove! I will look for Crosby’s name on the opening day lineup at 3B.

–Let the Madness begin! Conference tournaments are underway and selection Sunday is just five days away. I am a big believer in the mid-majors, but even to an underdog hopeful like me, they are making a very hard case to get many at-large berths. Creighton getting crushed in the semifinal of the MVC. St. Mary’s needed a better showing then what they gave against Gonzaga. The mediocrity that exists in big name schools like Kentucky, Florida and Arizona, must be loving what they are seeing so far! Now the question is can any of those schools  go out and actually win a game!

–More on this later I am sure, but I like the idea that the 49ers have re-signed Alex Smith. Initial reports indicated it is a similar deal to what Shaun Hill has at about $2-million per deal. That is a great deal for a kid that still has great potential if he can stay in good health! I certainly like the Smith signing better than the Damon Huard deal!


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