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WBC: Does Anyone Care?

Posted by davefowkes on 03/11/2009

Is anyone actually watching the World Baseball Classic? Does anyone care? I know I don’t! To me it is just something that shows up on ESPN every once in awhile when I am hoping to watch college hoops. Why do we need this WBC?

The theory behind the WBC is remotely interesting. Put the world’s best baseball players on the field representing their countries and see what happens. But baseball is a very refined sport, it takes the best of the best awhile to warm up to the precision that we will see during the season. Instead, here are the best of the best playing on teams with about 2 weeks of spring training under their belts and a handful of team practices. Pitchers are limited on pitching by innings and/or pitch counts.

I say it is the best of the best but really it is not. Many of the best players are not there due to injury or just taking precautions. As an Oakland A’s fan I don’t really want and A’s players there. All it does is risk injury for the season ahead and to what gain?

I suppose the WBC is nice for places like Puerto Rico where a number of Major Leaguers got to play in their home country for the first time since reaching stardom. But as we see with the massive upset of the Netherlands over the Dominican Republic, teams are just not sharp now. It is not about the best team winning.

To me, the WBC is just a waste of TV time, a danger to some good players upcoming season and relatively useless as a whole. Why do they bother? Does anyone watch? Does anyone care? Do you?


3 Responses to “WBC: Does Anyone Care?”

  1. mdbirdlover said

    I’m watching and although it’s not big in the US it is big every place else.
    It will gain some momentum here, I believe.

  2. Banana said

    I have been watching a few games but I am not worried about the US or actually putting in any care into it. Basically it is a baseball fix before the regular season starts. If they played this in August, I would NOT pay attention at all.

    What is interesting is to see the player that have been playing winter ball versus the MLB guys who have not. I also like to see if I can spot any up and comers.

    Keep on writing Dave!

  3. davefowkes said

    Are you seeing a big difference for those that played winter ball? I would think they would be a lot sharper.

    It does strike me that the main intent for the “classic” for those that watch it is just to give a baseball fix for those who feel about the game as I feel about football. I just can’t get into it though.

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