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Mid March Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 03/19/2009

Here comes the madness!

–In filling out my brackets I keep looking for upsets, but I am just not finding them. I don’t want all the #1 and #2 seeds to advance but right now it is hard not to like most of them. That said, my bracket is way to top heavy with seeds and way to Big East-centric for me to win any pools. Oh well.

–I like about 5 teams to win it all but I ended up with North Carolina. If Ty Lawson is back by the sweet 16 I think they are the best team. If he is not healthy though, I like Pittsburgh to take it.

–If I had to take a #3 seed to surprise the world, I would go with Syracuse. That 6 overtime affair with UConn reminded me a lot of the regular season finale between the Patriots and the Giants two years back. On paper it was a meaningless game but both teams played hard to the end. Even in a loss it gave the Giants confidence to beat the Patriots in the rematch in the Super Bowl. Well, Syracuse won in 6 overtimes. Their confidence is high and with a great point guard like Johnny Flynn, and good three point shooting, watch out!

–First round upsets: Western Kentucky and Siena! Book it now!

–Other intriguing plays: VCU over UCLA and Northern Iowa over Purdue. Far from sure things but certainly could happen.

–4 televisions, 48 games, it is not Las Vegas but it will be fun! Let the madness begin!

Non basketball thoughts:

–Lots of talk about the 49ers making a run at disgruntled Denver quarterback Jay Cutler. I would love to see Cutler line up at QB next season for San Francisco, but it just won’t happen! If Cutler does move I would expect it to be Detroit or the Jets. San Francisco won’t make a strong enough play.

–The 49ers brought in T Marvel Smith from Pittsburgh for a look. He was a solid tackle, but due to injury I would worry that you are cutting one Jonas Jennings for another. The 49ers need to find another tackle at the #10 spot of the draft.

–Nice signing by the Raiders brining in Khalif Barnes. They got a tackle that produced well but not up to first round expectations in Jacksonville. They got him for just one year, at a good price and he is clearly and upgrade over Kwame Harris!

That is it for me. I am going to enjoy March Madness for the weekend. The blog goes on hiatus until Monday! Have a great weekend and here is to an upset filled weekend of great and exciting college basketball!!!


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