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First Weekend Reaction

Posted by davefowkes on 03/23/2009

48 games on four TVs in four days! Now that is the way to celebrate March Madness! Now it is Monday and here are a few thoughts that stick out in my mind.

I am sure we all picked Arizona to be the last Pac Ten team standing! I was surprised to see the Pac Ten go 5-1 in the first round. But do answer that with a 1-4 in the second round left me with a bit of an empty feeling for the conference. We all knew the Pac Ten was down this year, I guess it was just proved. But then there is Arizona.

I will not listen to any arguments that use Arizona’s two game run as justification for them being in the tournament. St. Mary’s, Creighton or others easily could have put the same two game run together against Utah and Cleveland State. The key is once you make the tournament it is a clean slate, anything can happen on any given night. Match ups, experience, desire, to name just a few items all come into play. The point is that based on the season’s “full body of work,” Arizona did not belong in the tournament. That fact has not changed. That fact would not change even if Arizona runs the table to a national title! But it sure is a good thing for the Pac Ten that Arizona made the tournament.

Cal was just what I thought they were. Live and die by the 3-pointer but when Maryland forced them into an inside game they could not keep up. Cal needs another big man or three, but with everyone expected to return next year, things look good in Berkeley.

The Big Ten is just what I thought they were. An overrated conference with arguably two good teams: Michigan State and Purdue. Those two teams are good enough to continue their run. The rest of the over hyped conference is right where they belong too, back at home!

The Big East is just what I thought as well. Best conference in the land! Marquette gave a great fight against Missouri, but with UConn, Pitt, Syracuse, Villanova and Louisville dominating the remaining brackets, you could really see two or even three teams making the final four from the Big East.

Thank you ACC but that is still a league that is all about UNC and Duke.

Not much action in terms of upsets which is always disappointing. Surprise of the weekend was clearly Cleveland State over Wake Forest. Not so much that the win itself was so shocking, but the way Cleveland blew them out start to finish! The other two big surprises came in losses. We all had East Tennessee State taking Pittsburgh down to the wire and Northridge giving Memphis all they could handle!

I still like UNC with a healthy Ty Lawson to win it all, but any of the remaining Big East teams could do it and not surprise me at all!

Funny that with all those games this weekend, the game that I look forward to most based purely on a viewing basis, is tonight’s NIT clash between St. Mary’s and Davidson! Patrick Mills and Stephen Curry? I so wish I could go!


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