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Posted by davefowkes on 03/31/2009

A bit late to react to the weekend’s basketball but what the heck!

— Count me as one that thinks the Pittsburgh Villanova game was a great one. But part of the greatness of the finish was rewarding stupidity. As great as that final drive and bucket was by Scottie Reynolds, how horrible was the baseball pass turnover only amplified by the mid-court foul. Dumb! Yet Villanova moves on!

–North Carolina looks awfully good! I really thought Oklahoma would put up a better fight, but the Tar Heels dominated early and never let up. Ty Lawson is the man! The Heels are long gone in this tournament if he does not play through his toe pain.

–Big props to Michigan State. I am real down on the Big Ten, but they did have one good team in that league and they are on the way to the Final Four. Louisville could never get in rhythm. The Spartans forced that by dominating on the offensive boards the middle 10 minutes of the 2nd half when they made their run. Very impressive.

–Turning point in the Louisville/MSU game: The Cardinal came out strong after halftime and took a two point lead. They forced a turnover and began to run. I started to think, this was the time they would finally open it up. Instead the long outlet pass was overthrown, Michigan got the ball, quickly returned the ball up court for a quick shot and foul. Momentum was turned, Louisville fell apart and the Spartans never looked back.

–Did not see UConn/Missouri but the game sounded similar to what I expected.

–I think Villanova is capable of giving UNC a run for their money. Their style of play could match up well and and upset would not be surprising to me. That said, I picked UNC day one, I am not backing down on that prediction. Expect a lot of points in this one though!

–It has been a great run for MSU, but UConn can rebound with them. I look for a double digit win for the Huskies!

–John Calipari to Kentucky is a no-brainer. Pitino Jr will continue to follow in his idle’s shoes. How do you say no to Kentucky and all that money? It has been a great run at Memphis but Calipari won’t get the respect until he wins at a top school in a BCS conference.

–Speaking of Pitino, there is NO way that Rick Pitino takes the Arizona job. Despite all the rumors, Arizona is on a down cycle thanks to poor recruiting, while Louisville has invested a ton of money in the facilities and are competing at a high lever with another great recruiting class on the way.

–I look for Arizona to make a big west coast splash. Mark Few of Gonzaga or Randy Bennett of St. Mary’s would be what I would expect.


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