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Cutler To Be Traded!

Posted by davefowkes on 04/01/2009

This is just stunning to me to see how this situation has crumbled in Denver. First team owner Patrick Bowlen shocked many by firing Mike Shanahan. Then they hire Josh McDaniels from New England who promptly starts a war with quarterback Jay Cutler. And while most of us waited for things to finally smooth over, last night Broncos officials said things finally have reached an impasse and Cutler will be traded!

Here is the Peter King story.

Nobody looks good in this story. Jay Cutler is clearly acting like a child by not returning calls and pretty much being non-communicative. But the Bronco’s organization led by McDaniels really looks bad. McDaniels came in to Denver bringing the Bill Bellichek mantra of “my stuff don’t stink.” He messed with Cutler’s head, and while Cutler could certainly man up and handle things better, McDaniels should have never rocked the boat with the “franchise” quarterback.

So now what will happen? Cutler will get traded and get a second chance. The Broncos will be left with Chris Simms and whoever they can pick up in free agency or the draft. So how did McDaniels benefit from this power play he forced as he walked into town? A very bumpy start for the administration!

So where will Cutler go? I would certainly love to see him in San Francisco, but I know that is a pipe dream. Cutler is for real in my book. He’ll put up great numbers, has a great arm, and I believe has what it takes to be a winner. But that is not what the 49ers are looking for. They want someone that will quietly hand the ball off to Frank Gore every play.

The Lions, Jets and Buccaneers all make obvious sense.  is reporting that Washington has jumped into the fray with a possible Cutler for Jason Campbell trade.

I will be very interested to see what Cutler brings in a trade. Everyone knows the Broncos are behind the 8-ball, so who will pony up the big offer knowing that the Broncos will trade him?

What I do know is that one NFL team is about to get a lot better at the quarterback position while the Denver Broncos will be without a quarterback, have a mediocre running game and not much of a defense. My how things have collapsed in Denver. The collapse started on the field when the Broncos could not lock away a playoff visit despite a three game lead in the division in December, and now the slide continues through the offseason!

As it stands now I would say Denver is the clear cut favorite for last place in the AFC West and unless that defense improves, they could really challenge Detroit and some other teams for the top spot in the draft next year!


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