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Sanchez Burns Finger

Posted by davefowkes on 04/01/2009

Here is one you just don’t hear every day. Jonathan Sanchez is in danger of missing the start of the season for the San Francisco Giants because he burned his finger while cooking!  Here is the story from Andrew Baggarly.

It seems baseball has always been filled with bizarre injuries, from slips in the shower, scares from spiders and then of course every Giants fans favorite, the washing of the truck!

But burning the finger while cooking? I suppose it happens but having it happen a week before the regular season to your #3 starter is just bad luck. Doesn’t he make enough money to go out to dinner? Maybe the Giants should hire a cook for him?

Fortunately it does not sound serious, I am guess the worst of it could be a missed start and a lot of lip from his fellow teammates! Burning his finger while cooking? Let’s hope he was cooking more than pop tarts out of a toaster!


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