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Cutler to the Bears

Posted by davefowkes on 04/02/2009

Sorry Niner fan, the dream is officially over! It is being widely reported that the Denver Broncos have traded Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears for two first round picks, a third round pick and Kyle Orton! The Bears will also get a 5th round pick from the Broncos! A pretty impressive trade across the board!

I was a proponent of the 49ers picking up Cutler, but when you look at the cost, it was probably better they did not pull the trigger on the trade.

From the Bears perspective: They gave up a lot but how long have they been looking for a franchise quarterback? Orton was acceptable at best but certainly nothing special. The Bears could have drafted quarterbacks in the first round the next three years and may not have found one as good as Cutler. Looking around the NFC North, having Cutler at QB should put them in the mix for the top spot. They have a good defense, Matt Forte is a solid running back, all they could use is a bit of an upgrade at wide receiver and why can’t the Bears contend for a Super Bowl? It comes at a price, but a Super Bowl trip would certainly justify the cost!

From the Broncos perspective: Normally when a team is forced into trading a player, the value on return is not very good. But when you have a 25-year old pro bowl quarterback on the market, it sounds like the bidding was competitive. The Broncos would look better to me lining Cutler up at quarterback, but since they made the decision they could not work together, getting two first round picks a third round pick and an “starting” quarterback in return is a pretty good deal. Now the pressure is on the new management team to make those draft picks good ones!

The unraveling of the Broncos the last few months has been amazing to witness. For now the drama comes to an end with one of the big NFL trades in recent years. The Broncos can now concentrate on the draft and rebuilding a fallen team and franchise. The Bears can narrow their focus on competing for a Super Bowl!

A good trade for both teams in a really bizarre NFL world!

UPDATE:  The Bears announced the are signing tackle Orlando Pace. Pace was a salary cap casualty in St. Louis. The future hall of famer has injury issues but if healthy he will be a great protector of Cutler!

UPDATE AGAIN:  Watching some reaction on ESPN. Former players are focused on Cutler’s head and his new crybaby status. But local Bear reaction is concentrating on how long it has been since Chicago has had a real quarterback! It is an interesting comparison!


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