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Garcia A Nice Pickup By Raiders

Posted by davefowkes on 04/07/2009

Jeff Garcia is on his way back to the Bay Area, but the surprise is he will be suiting up in Silver and Black this time around. The Oakland Raiders have signed the 10-year veteran to be the backup quarterback for Jamarcus Russell. I am not sure what has gotten into Al Davis, but this seems like a pretty smart move to me!

I’ll start with the negative because that is just the type of guy that I am. I have no idea how Garcia fits into the Raider offense. He is much more of a Rich Gannon type quarterback then they style of play Al Davis likes to play. Will Garcia be successful in the Raider offensive philosophy or will it be more like his Cleveland days?

That being said though the idea of bringing in a veteran to back up Russell is common sense at this point. this is truly a make or break season for Russell. It is not to say that he has to put up pro bowl numbers but it is time to show that he is a legitimate NFL quarterback. The first year was a bust because of a holdout. He showed some signs in a down year last season. Now it is time for Russel to shine.

But if he doesn’t, or more likely if he gets hurt, the Raiders now have  a legitimate quarterback that can come in and keep the boat from sinking. Garcia’s best days are obviously behind him but as he proved in Tampa the last two years, he can still play this game. And if they need him for just a two or three game stint rather than a full season, all the better.

Garcia will bring leadership, heart and desire to a Raider team that has lacked those qualities for years. The price was right, the risk is low, and the reward could be very high. This signing just makes a lot of sense.

Have the Raiders turned over a new leaf?


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