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A’s pitching off to okay start

Posted by davefowkes on 04/11/2009

The big question coming into the season for Oakland was how would the young pitching staff hold up. Early results are optimistic!

I loved what I saw from 21-year old Brett Anderson last night in his major league debut. Sure he took the loss, but in making his debut in the A’s home opener, he only had one bad inning! Anderson gave up five runs in the second inning. But the other five innings he pitched, he did not give up run. He was 1-2-3 in the first. He did not get himself in a lot of trouble. He was one bad inning from having a great debut! 21-year old pitchers will struggle at times. So to see Anderson come up with a game like that last night, it certainly provides plenty of hope for his future.

Trevor Cahill struggled a bit more in his debut in Anaheim. I did not have the opportunity to watch the game, but as I followed online you could tell he was struggling with his control. Five walks are too many to be giving up regardless of your age. That said, despite his struggles, Cahill fought through it for five innings, and he was an unearned run away from leaving the game with a lead. As his emotions settle down and he gets used to the fact that he is now a major league pitcher, his control should improve.

The “veterans” of the staff also had nice debuts in Anaheim. Dallas Braden was far from special but 6 innings of 3 run ball will win him some games this year. Dana Eveland also suffered from lack of run support while he was on the mound, but he looked like he was ready to take a step forward from last year. Consistency is what killed Eveland last year, so judging him on one game is unfair.

With the offense apparently ready to step up from the last couple of years, these young pitchers should have more run support then their predecessors. We obviously can’t make too much from one game or one start, but I did like what I saw this week and it does give me much hope for the season!


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