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Bay Area Basketball Saturday

Posted by davefowkes on 01/31/2009

Lots of games to choose from today as all the local boys are in play. But while most fans keep an eye on Stanford or Cal down in LA, how St. Mary’s does without Patrick Mills at Portland, or even the resurgent Broncos to against Pepperdine, my focus will be on the city on the bay: USF hosting Loyola!

Why you ask? First of all, this has some serious potential for bad basketball! The WCC is clearly down this year and two of the bottom dwellers have been Pepperdine and Loyola. Pepperdine only have 5 wins this year. But now, one of those wins is a conference road win at San Francisco on Thursday night. So this sets the stage for one win Loyola, coming off a 26 point loss at Santa Clara to visit the Dons a team that is apparently bad enough to lose to Pepperdine at home! Yes, this could magical. I made the comment on Thursday that USF might be trying to get demoted to Division 1-AA. Well if they lose today, lets just take them down the Division 2. Yes, this is a big game for the Dons for all the wrong reasons!

Meanwhile, Cal is playing horribly these days. They are a better team then they showed at UCLA. But results are what they are, and right now Cal is not playing well. USC plays great defense, Cal will need to hit their 3s and reduce their turnovers. If they do they can win. And right now, they need a win!

Stanford has a tough one today in UCLA. How do you respond to that tough one point loss at USC on Thursday night? Well in the state of Washington they responded with another one point loss. I dont see it today. I hope I am wrong, but I think the frustration finally starts to sink in a bit today and UCLA wins easy.

Portland is a decnent up and coming team. No easy win there and now St Mary’s will be battling without Patrick Mills who is out with a broken wrist and coming off the emotional let down of their loss to Gonzaga. St Mary’s needs this win to keep the hope for a potential at large birth alive! They cant sleep on this one, and without Mills they have no business sleeping at all!


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