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Cutler To Be Traded!

Posted by davefowkes on 04/01/2009

This is just stunning to me to see how this situation has crumbled in Denver. First team owner Patrick Bowlen shocked many by firing Mike Shanahan. Then they hire Josh McDaniels from New England who promptly starts a war with quarterback Jay Cutler. And while most of us waited for things to finally smooth over, last night Broncos officials said things finally have reached an impasse and Cutler will be traded!

Here is the Peter King story.

Nobody looks good in this story. Jay Cutler is clearly acting like a child by not returning calls and pretty much being non-communicative. But the Bronco’s organization led by McDaniels really looks bad. McDaniels came in to Denver bringing the Bill Bellichek mantra of “my stuff don’t stink.” He messed with Cutler’s head, and while Cutler could certainly man up and handle things better, McDaniels should have never rocked the boat with the “franchise” quarterback.

So now what will happen? Cutler will get traded and get a second chance. The Broncos will be left with Chris Simms and whoever they can pick up in free agency or the draft. So how did McDaniels benefit from this power play he forced as he walked into town? A very bumpy start for the administration!

So where will Cutler go? I would certainly love to see him in San Francisco, but I know that is a pipe dream. Cutler is for real in my book. He’ll put up great numbers, has a great arm, and I believe has what it takes to be a winner. But that is not what the 49ers are looking for. They want someone that will quietly hand the ball off to Frank Gore every play.

The Lions, Jets and Buccaneers all make obvious sense.  is reporting that Washington has jumped into the fray with a possible Cutler for Jason Campbell trade.

I will be very interested to see what Cutler brings in a trade. Everyone knows the Broncos are behind the 8-ball, so who will pony up the big offer knowing that the Broncos will trade him?

What I do know is that one NFL team is about to get a lot better at the quarterback position while the Denver Broncos will be without a quarterback, have a mediocre running game and not much of a defense. My how things have collapsed in Denver. The collapse started on the field when the Broncos could not lock away a playoff visit despite a three game lead in the division in December, and now the slide continues through the offseason!

As it stands now I would say Denver is the clear cut favorite for last place in the AFC West and unless that defense improves, they could really challenge Detroit and some other teams for the top spot in the draft next year!


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49ers Should Pass On Smith, Draft A Tackle!

Posted by davefowkes on 03/25/2009

The 49ers should draft a right tackle in the first round of the NFL draft rather then spend a lot of money on Marvel Smith. Nothing against Smith who has been a good tackle for the Steelers, but does this signing not sound like replacing one Jonas Jennings with another?

Matt Maiocco is reporting that talks between Smith and the 49ers are heating up. Smith has put in some good service but he has played just 17

Marvel Smith

Marvel Smith

games the last two seasons because of a back injury. We are not talking about a pulled muscle, or twisted leg, we are talking about a back injury on a lineman! Does that say red flag to someone in Ninerland?

The 49ers first big free agent purchase in the Nolan/York era was a left tackle Jonas Jennings from Buffalo. When healthy he was adequate at best, but he was never healthy which eventually led to his undoing.

If there were no other options I would argue signing Smith is a good idea, but if you look to the NFL draft, the first round is heavy with solid tackle prospects. In fact many have Jason Smith out of Baylor going to Detroit with the number one overall pick. Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe and Andre Smith are all first round prospects the 49ers should be looking at with the #10 overall pick. The likelihood is that two of them could still be on the board. How would the line look with Joe Staley on the left side and one of these rookies on the right side for the next 10-years?

Joe Staley

Joe Staley

Bringing in the 31-year old Smith is just replacing one injury risk with another in my opinion. If healthy, Smith is a very good tackle that will help. But why take the chance when you have such potential for the first round pick?

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NFL Gives Thanks: To The Raiders?

Posted by davefowkes on 03/24/2009

Just what the world needs on Thanksgiving Day: Oakland Raider football! The NFL announced a few of their games yesterday from the owner’s meetings in Southern California. The greatness of the Raiders is back in the limelight with a Monday Night football game against San Diego, and then the big shocker, a Thanksgiving Day match up in Dallas! Yum! Turkey, potatoes and all the stuffing to go with Oakland Raider football! Yeah, I can not wait for Thanksgiving!

The other Thanksgiving Day excitement will feature Green Bay visiting Detroit and in the NFL Network affair, the Giants will travel to Denver. Despite plenty of talk about getting rid of a horrible team on national TV, the NFL owners did not have the heart to take the Thanksgiving Day game away from Detroit! I suggest the Lions win one sooner than later though.

The opening weekend nationally televised games were also announced. Pittsburgh and Tennessee will square off in a very enticing match up that first Thursday night. The Bears and Packers will do nothing for me as the first Sunday night game. And then we have the now traditional Monday Night double header that this year will open with Terrell Owens and the Buffalo Bills playing host to the Patriots, followed by the west coast night cap of the Chargers in Oakland!

It is the third time in four years the Raiders have played that second game on Monday night. Their first two games were not fun getting shut out by the Chargers in 2006 and shellacked by Denver last year. Yet the NFL felt it wise to put them back in the time slot again this year? Well, at least it is one guaranteed sell out for Oakland!

To cap it off with the Raiders visit to Thanksgiving really is over the top. Is the NFL expecting the Raiders to be good this year? Did Jerry Jones suggest his old friend Al Davis just so he could guaranty the Cowboys a win? I agree the Raiders are set to improve, but Raiders Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day does nothing for me here in March!

But maybe in November we will all give thanks for the game! If not, pass the turkey please!

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Mid March Thoughts

Posted by davefowkes on 03/19/2009

Here comes the madness!

–In filling out my brackets I keep looking for upsets, but I am just not finding them. I don’t want all the #1 and #2 seeds to advance but right now it is hard not to like most of them. That said, my bracket is way to top heavy with seeds and way to Big East-centric for me to win any pools. Oh well.

–I like about 5 teams to win it all but I ended up with North Carolina. If Ty Lawson is back by the sweet 16 I think they are the best team. If he is not healthy though, I like Pittsburgh to take it.

–If I had to take a #3 seed to surprise the world, I would go with Syracuse. That 6 overtime affair with UConn reminded me a lot of the regular season finale between the Patriots and the Giants two years back. On paper it was a meaningless game but both teams played hard to the end. Even in a loss it gave the Giants confidence to beat the Patriots in the rematch in the Super Bowl. Well, Syracuse won in 6 overtimes. Their confidence is high and with a great point guard like Johnny Flynn, and good three point shooting, watch out!

–First round upsets: Western Kentucky and Siena! Book it now!

–Other intriguing plays: VCU over UCLA and Northern Iowa over Purdue. Far from sure things but certainly could happen.

–4 televisions, 48 games, it is not Las Vegas but it will be fun! Let the madness begin!

Non basketball thoughts:

–Lots of talk about the 49ers making a run at disgruntled Denver quarterback Jay Cutler. I would love to see Cutler line up at QB next season for San Francisco, but it just won’t happen! If Cutler does move I would expect it to be Detroit or the Jets. San Francisco won’t make a strong enough play.

–The 49ers brought in T Marvel Smith from Pittsburgh for a look. He was a solid tackle, but due to injury I would worry that you are cutting one Jonas Jennings for another. The 49ers need to find another tackle at the #10 spot of the draft.

–Nice signing by the Raiders brining in Khalif Barnes. They got a tackle that produced well but not up to first round expectations in Jacksonville. They got him for just one year, at a good price and he is clearly and upgrade over Kwame Harris!

That is it for me. I am going to enjoy March Madness for the weekend. The blog goes on hiatus until Monday! Have a great weekend and here is to an upset filled weekend of great and exciting college basketball!!!

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